Malabrigo Pack

A few months ago, I saw an IG post for the Malabrigo Pack  where they would send two skeins of hand-dyed yarn from unreleased varieties. According to their website, these skeins are from Test Yarns which may or may not be released in the future.

Malabrigo used Knit Crate for their shipments. If you haven’t checked them out, definitely do! You can pick the type of ‘Crate’ you would like, whether it’s sock yarn, artisan yarn or their monthly feature, and they ship it out to you.

Now, I LOVE Malabrigo yarn. Everything about their yarns from the yarn content to color themes are amazing so I jumped on signing up for the Malabrigo Pack. How could I resist?

Every few months, they send a new delivery. This allows you to have enough time to finish the project they previously sent and to build up excitement and anticipation for the next box of goodies. What fiber artist doesn’t want to amazing yarn delivered to their doorstep every few months?

Each box comes with access to a pattern designed specifically for the yarn. These are not sent in the box, they are accessed on social media sites such as Facebook or Ravelry. When you sign up for the pack, you get to choose Warm tones or Cool tones. I chose Cool since I have a tendency to love my blacks, grays and blues.

Now, let me introduce my first box from Malabrigo Pack.

The pack came in a lovely white box. I’d been tracking the package since it sent and I couldn’t wait to open it.

Inside was a photo of the pattern that was designed specifically for this yarn, inspiration for the pattern and information about the artist.

And the yarn! The Cashmerino Yarn is a mix of Cashmere and Merino (hence the name haha). It is the first yarn of Malabrigo’s that features Cashmere.

There were also stickers and magnets for Malabrigo.

Here are some close-ups of the yarn!

 I can’t wait to start knitting with it!

I think my only disappointment would be I was hoping for two skeins that were different colors. But having two skeins does open up more projects I can do too!

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