Darn Good Yarn Collaboration

Have you heard of Darn Good Yarn? The first time I heard about it a friend was telling me how she purchased a subscription for her mother’s birthday while parked in the driveway right before she walked in for a family dinner. And her present was, hands down, the best birthday present of the night!

Since then, I’ve thought about buying a Darn Good Yarn of the month for myself. Who wouldn’t like a skein of one of their premium yarns and a pattern for only $10?

So, when Darn Good Yarn approached me a little bit ago to see if I’d be interested in doing a collaboration with them…. ummm… YES PLEASE!

I got to pick the yarn and come up with the pattern. I was thinking of making a summer-bag-type-purse-thing. So when I hopped on their website to look for the perfect yarn, I saw they had linen yarn. I thought it would be perfect for a summer bag! And I’ve never worked with linen yarn before!

And let me tell you, it’s quite a unique yarn! Linen comes from the fibers of flax and I’ve only come across it as a fabric. I got it in three colors as I was going to incorporate crocheted flowers and wanted enough contrast.

I was so excited when I got the shipment. It came beautifully packaged and with a lovely bag that I could use to tote the project around with me.

I played around with the yarn, getting familiar with the characteristics of it as linen yarn is very unique.


The end product turned out to be a beautiful and convertible bag that can be used as a cross-body purse or a backpack, perfect for those summer festivals thus dubbed the Day At the Festival Bag. Go check out the pattern!

And Darn Good Yarn also gave me a special link so you can get 15% off the yarn!


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