Natural Dyeing with Avocados, Part 1

I’ve been saving avocado peels and pits for the last few months and trying to get the courage to take the first steps to starting the process for natural dyeing.

There’s so many amazing posts on what to do. The method I thought I would try was sun dyeing, where you use the heat from the sun to extract the dye. It’s pretty simple. Throw it all in a jar with some water and let it sit out in the sun until the water gets super dark. You can let it sit out for a few days or up to a few weeks. The longer, the better.

In total, we saved 24 avocados. I separated the pits from the peels.

With the peels, I ripped into smaller pieces.

With the pits, I cut them in half

I divided the pits and peels into the biggest jars I could get, half gallon Mason jars. I threw in a little bit of ammonia since a post said it helps extract the dye then out them all out in the 🌞.

Here they are right when I put them out.

Here’s how dark they got in a few weeks time.

Well, life got a little busy after initially starting the process and I haven’t had a chance to start the second part, where I mordant the yarn and throw it in the jar. That will happen soon… I hope.

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