How to roll a perfect yarn ball



There’s always a point with my yarn skeins where it starts to get skeletal and with one wrong move, the whole thing ends up in a tangled mess. I’ve found that rolling it into a yarn ball prevents the tangled mess and helps ease my nervousness about accidentally moving or touching the skeleton skein.

The person who taught me how to crochet at 10 years old also taught me how to roll a yarn ball. Needless to say, I’ve rolled lots of skeleton skeins into yarn balls and thought I would share my strategy on how to do it.

What’s unique about the way I roll my yarn balls is I hold one end so the yarn comes out from the middle.

1.) Hold the start of the skein between your fingers and palm (as shown in the photo below). The yarn ball will be made around the thumb so you can control the tension and feel when the yarn ball starts to get wound too tightly.

2.) Start to wrap around the thumb. After a few wraps, start to wind the yarn diagonally (as shown below).

3.) Rotate the “yarn ball” a little at a time while continuing the diagonal wrapping. Keep ahold of the end of yarn in the palm while you continue to do this.

4.) Continue to line up the strands of yarn while wrapping diagonally…

5.) And VOILA! A perfect little yarn ball  ready for your future projects.


  • Wind it looser than you think you should. You can always re-roll it later, but winding it loose helps the yarn come out easier from the center and prevents the yarn from becoming stretched out.
  • When you finish winding the yarn ball, tuck the end of yarn under a few strands of the previously wound strands to keep the yarn ball from getting unwound.

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