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The In’s & Out’s of Yarn Support

    When I first started designing knitwear, I started by purchasing my own yarn. As I started to get more established as a designer and more confident in my abilities, I started to be able to get yarn support from various sources.

    Yarn support is when a company or indie dyer provides the yarn for your designs. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

    Gwan Yin Sweater

      Gwan Yin is the goddess of mercy. The simple lace in this raglan is reminiscent of the lotus flower she perches on. It’s simple, cropped design is easy to wear over dresses or high-waisted pants.

      Close up and flat image of Ashrose Shawlette Cowl

      AshRose Shawlette Cowl

        The AshRose Shawlette Cowl is a perfect stashbuster for those single skeins. It is perfect for accessorizing in colder weather and will keep your neck warm under cardigans and jackets. It’s easy to dress up for a nice dinner or dress down when hiking in the mountains.

        All the Places to Sell your Knitwear Patterns

          It can be overwhelming when starting knitwear design. One major part is how & where to sell your patterns. Although some websites have been widely used in the past, there are smaller platforms coming up that are filling the gap that has been lacking in the knitting community.