Bunny Project

How to Finish Your Bunny

Once you have your square knit up, here are the steps to finishing your bunny.


  • polyester filling
  • extra yarn in the same color as knit square
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

Note: I used a different colored yarn so it could be visible. Use yarn in the same color when completing your bunny. 

A good way to check if you’ve made a square is the fold it diagonally from corner to corner. The edges should line up nicely when it’s a square.

Step 1: Using the running stitch (simple up and down sewing stitch), go across the middle of the square.

Step 2: Continue the running stitch diagonally to the middle of the top.

Step 3: Continue the running stitch diagonally from the top to the middle of the side of the square (the stitch should end up back to where you initially started the sewing).

You’ll see a triangle has been formed from the sewing. This will transform into the head of the bunny.

Step 4: This is the fun part. Get some polyester filling and put in the triangle formed by sewing.

Pull both the threads completely shut (from the beginning and end of the sewing portion), making sure polyester filling stays in.

You’ll see a head and ears have formed in the process. Tie a knot so the threads don’t come loose.

Step 5: For the backside of the bunny, you can sew the back ends together to form a “pocket” which is the perfect side for holding candy or fill with polyester filling and sew up completely.