Crocheted Scrubbies for Dishwashing

My mother has been getting crocheted scrubbies from friends in Korea whenever she visits and that’s primarily what she uses for washing dishes. And we hand wash all our dishes which means these little scrubbies get a lot of use, but they hold up super well too.

A few months ago, I happened upon Red Heart’s Scrubby yarn. They have it in cotton and polyester. Encouraged by my husband and friends who come over and absolutely love the scrubbies my mom uses, I decided to dive in and make a few.

They crochet up quickly and make great little gifts. What’s great about them (versus a sponge) is when they start to get gross, you can throw them in the dishwasher or the laundry and they’ll come out clean and ready to go. My mom simply soaks them in hot water for a little bit to clean them. 

I intentionally made the back side of it to be looser so it can have a chance to dry out between uses.

If you’re interested but don’t have the time or expertise to crochet your own, head over to my Etsy shop. You can find them there

Approximate diameter: 3.5”



> 20-25 yards of Red Heart Scrubby Yarn, Waves

>Clover Crochet Hook, Size I, 5.5mm

>Lion Brand Tapestry Needles (Set of 6) for weaving in the ends after



Set-up: Chain 5 and join into a round.

R1: Chain 2, DC 11 into circle (12)

R2: Chain 2, DC 2 into each st (24)

R3: Chain 2, DC 2 into each st (48)



R4: Chain 2, *dc, skip 1* and repeat from * until end. (24)

R5: Chain 2, *dc, skip 1* and repeat from * until end (12)

R6: Chain 2, *dc, skip 1* and repeat from * until end (6)


Thread the tapestry needle with the end. Before I weave in the end, I take it up through the top and then back through the bottom row a couple times to secure the center of the top and bottom together. This ensures the scrubby will maintain its circular shape throughout the many washes it’ll do. Weave in the end.

Now, go scrub some dishes!!