Reuseable Makeup Removers

I came across a wonderful post about making your own crocheted reusable makeup removers. I’ve seen many versions that required you to do a lot of cutting of fabrics and dusting off the ol’ sewing machine. For me, it was hard to find the motivation even though my sewing machine sits out and ready to be used.

These nifty little pads require some cotton yarn, which I had tons of leftover from summer projects. So I got a leftover skein out, got my crochet hook out and got to crocheting. 

What I love about these is they seem to get softer and more dense the more often they’re washed. Use them with your favorite makeup remover (I like coconut oil).

The original post with beautiful instructions and step by step photos here.

I’ve included my version, with adaptations and yarn I used below.

If you’d like to purchase ready-made ones, they’re available for purchase in my etsy shop



Pattern Instructions

Set-up: Ch5 and join into round.

R1: Complete 6 puff sts into center of ring.

R2: Complete 12 puff sts into puff sts from previous row and in between puff sts.

R3: SC 24. [sc 2 into each st]

And Voila!! You’ve got yourself a reusable makeup remover.