Fresh Rose Toner

The roses are in bloom! Which makes me so excited because they can be used for so many different things!

I’m guilty of not doing enough to take care of my skin so in order to jump start myself to take care of myself more, I thought I’d use some fresh roses to make a facial toner.

This is a simple two-ingredient recipe that’s easy to make and easy to use.

Witch Hazel which is known to be a great toner in itself as it is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and helps to promote skin healing. It is also moisturizing and can be used to treat sunburn as well.

Roses which when made into rose water, is anti-inflammatory and helps to remove oil and dirt in clogged pores. And who doesn’t love the smell of roses??? There’s something so soothing about it.

**When acquiring roses to use, be sure pesticides or other chemicals were not used on them.

Making the roses into rose water is a simple process, but I thought why not put fresh rose petals into the witch hazel and let the sun do the work?

Materials Needed


Fill the jar up with fresh (or dried) rose petals, leaving about 1″-1.5″ of room at the top.

Pour in Witch Hazel until the flowers are covered.

Close the container and leave on a sunny spot in the windowsill for a day or so for the rose petals to infuse with the witch hazel. Mine seemed to infuse in just one day. Since I used red roses, I knew when they were done when the color infused with the water, leaving the rose petals white.

Strain the rose petals out.

I add 10-15 drops of Rose Geranium or Rose Essential Oil for a finishing touch.

I use my toner daily, morning and evening, with reusable makeup pads.