Solar-Infused Oil: Dandelion

This common weed which grows plentifully in most environments is usually hated by the homeowner due to it’s prolific nature. However, the dandelion can be used in so many ways!

The greens can be eaten in salads. Sometimes, you can find “Dandelion Greens” at grocery stores. Who knew you could go out into your front yard and pick your own greens?

You can dig up the roots, scrub them and make them into tea. Dandelion Tea, especially if it has chicory root, can be a great coffee substitute!

AND as shown in this little DIY, you make solar-infused oil with the flowers of dandelions.

Dandelion has been used in traditional medicine systems such as Chinese medicine, Arabian, Indian and Native American to treat different ailments. There’s a few researches where researchers attempt to understand dandelion and its processes.

NOW onto the DIY!


  • Mason Jar (I used this size)
  • Carrier Oil (for mine, I like to use organic Olive Oil and Coconut Oil)
  • Dried Dandelion Flowers
  • Sieve, Strainer or Cheesecloth (here’s a wonderful set of strainers)


Fill the jar up with dried Dandelion Flowers, leaving about 1″-1.5″ of room at the top.

Pour in Olive Oil until the flowers are covered.

Add a dollop or two of Coconut Oil.

Close the jar and leave on a sunny spot in the windowsill for 2-6 weeks. If you’d like, you can give it some extra attention and give it a shake everyday or so. But if you forget, don’t worry. It always seems to work out even if I only remember to shake it one day in the weeks it’s been sitting out.

Next step is to strain the flowers from the oil. Grab a bowl and pour the concoction into the strainer, sieve or cheesecloth. I like to use a spoon to squeeze the excess oil out of the flowers. Throw the used dandelion flowers into the compost.

Separate is natural, so you may need to give the oil a good shake before using it. It can be used directly on the skin for moisture or you can use it as a base for deodorant, salves, lotion, etc. The possibilities are endless!