Heart Cup Cozy

One of my favorite things to do is to find a nice coffee shop, get a soy latte and knit/read. It’s so relaxing. I often wonder if other people get as much enjoyment out of it as I do. This cup cozy also fits your standard sized mason jar for your to-go drinks.

This simple cozy is made in the round on double pointed needles which means you end up with a beautiful product that is seamless and with minimal finishing afterwards.

I use two strands of DK yarn for this pattern. This can end in a tangled mess, but in the process, you get a beautiful cup cozy!


Yarn: Two contrasting colors of DK yarn [I used beige for my contrasting color (CC) and the bluish/tan-ish one for my main color (MC)]

Gauge: 6 sts x 7 rows = 2” with US 10.5 in stockinette

Finished size: 3.5” x 7”


  • CO : cast on
  • PM: place marker
  • K : knit
  • P : purl
  • MC: main color
  • CC: contrasting color
  • BO: bind off


Set-up: CO 24 sts onto US 9 DPN. Put 8 sts on three US 9 DPN or 12 sts onto two US 9 DPN (as pictured). PM to make beginning of row.


R1-3: K2 P2 for 3 rows.


R4: switch to US10 DPN and K until end of row.

Heart Design

R5: k5. Switch to CC, k1. Switch to MC and K until end of row.

R6: k4. Switch to CC, k3. Switch to MC, k until end of row.

R7: K3. Switch to CC, k5. Switch to MC, k until end of row.

R8: K2. Switch to CC, k7. Switch to MC, k until end of row.

R9: K1. Switch to CC, k9. Switch to MC, k until end of row.

R10: k1. Switch to CC, k4. Switch to MC, k1. Switch to CC, K4. Switch to MC, k until end of row.

R11: k2. Switch to CC, k2 . Switch to MC, k3. Switch to CC, k2. Switch to MC, k until end of row.

R12: K this row.


R13-15: switch to US 9 DPN. K2 p2 for 3 rows.



Weave in the ends and voila! A beautiful cup cozy!