How to make Fur Pom Poms

Fur pom poms are really fun and simple to make. But be warned, they can create quite a mess with hair flying everywhere and getting into your mouth and all that good stuff. Keep that cup of coffee or tea away from the table while you’re doing this project.


After you’ve gathered your materials, lay the fur fabric fur-side down and trace your circular template with the permanent marker on the backside. You’ll see in the photo below, I made my circles as close together as possible. This helps me get as many poms as I can from the fabric.

Now comes the messy part. Wear a face mask if you have one! And save the scraps!

I usually use the scraps to stuff into my poms. There always seems to be more than enough scraps for all the poms I’m making.

Thread the needle with your yarn or embroidery floss. I usually guestimate for 25”-30”. I keep it long so I have plenty to work with when I’m attaching it to beanies and such.
Using the running stitch, start sewing around the edge of the circle, leaving a long tail at the end. You’ll use this tail later to help bunch up the edges of the pom.

Once you’ve gone around the whole pom, start to pull the thread at the beginning and the one at the end together. 

Halfway through, put some scraps in so the pom can maintain its shape. But be careful not to put too much otherwise the pom will be really heavy.

Once you’ve pulled it tight, tie a double knot! Tada!! A lovely pom to decorate your lovely hats, scarves and whatever else that strikes your fancy.