Lotus Cushion

As we’re getting ready to move into our new house, I can’t help but post home decor ideas. This cushion pattern I wrote a little while back when I had just discovered my love for stranded and intarsia knitting. It’s so fun to see the pattern coming to life as you knit away at it!

Pattern Notes

This cushion is knit in one piece, starting with the back to the front, with the flap being the last piece. The sides can either be crocheted or sewn.  The flap is knit with three buttonholes to keep flap buttoned down onto cushion. The back of the piece is knit in a solid color which contrasts nicely with the intricate design of the fair-isle lotus pattern.



  • Loops & Threads Impeccable
    • 1 skein: Teal as MC
    • 2 skeins: Aran as CC

Gauge: 4” = 16 sts by 22 rows

 Finished size: 13.5” x 11”


MC: main color [shown in purple on lotus chart]

CC: contrasting color [shown as white on the lotus chart]

CO: cast-on

K: knit

P: purl

BO: bind off

Stitch Instructions

Seed Stitch [this stitch will keep the edge from curling in]:

R1-R7: K1, P1. Repeat until end.

Pattern Instructions

This pattern is knit in one piece. It starts with the back, then you’ll follow the lotus chart for the front of the cushion and flap.

Back of cushion:

Set-up.: CO 55 sts with CC onto the US 10 needles.

Seed stitch until 1” long (about 7 rows).


K stockinette stitch until 10” long from beginning (about 55 rows). End on a WS row.


Front of cushion: R1-R65

Switch to MC begin Lotus Chart.

Continue in stockinette stitch while following graph.

Flap of cushion: R66-R87

The last few rows include the rows for the buttonholes. I use the cast-off method. There are many other ways to make buttonholes though.

Buttonhole Rows:

R1 [First row for 3 buttonholes]: K 12, BO3, K11, BO3, K11, BO3, K12

R2 [Row to complete buttonholes]: P12, CO3 [I used the cable cast-on method], P11, CO3, P11, CO3, P12

R88-R90: Seed stitch



Fold down back and flap of cushion so R1-R65 is at the front of the cushion.

Line up sides and sew or single crochet sides of cushion together. [I crocheted the sides together with the MC]

Sew buttons so they are lined up with buttonholes.

Block and you’re done!!